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Omg Liam gained lots of weight, or am I seeing things?? I always considered him the health freak? What happened? (not saying hes fat or anything, just confused)



he did gain..but he did not gain weight…he gained a


and he is a health freak….as in “i want you to have a HEALTHY amount of ORGASMS tonight, ladies and gentlemen” and he has an appetite for LOVE

so you gotta ask yourself..are you down with the LPLP ? the ~~~Liam Payne Love Pillow~~~ ……if u ain’t down then u a clown with a frown and u need to evacuate the premises immediately

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Harry giving a drumstick to a fan, with the help of Security—and then making sure they get it.

L.A. 8/10/2013 (My video, my gif. Please credit if you use, thanks!)

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this is the reason why i love him

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